Crafted using solid silver sterling, like the works of the original freedom rider and silversmith Paul Revere. Each Forever-bead Amendment is meticulously designed and hand finished. Made and assembled in the United States.

No letter will ever wear off ! All Forever-beads come with 50 Years Warranty !

"Bill of Rights" Silver Biker Necklace
0 reviews
Freedom Silver and 14kt Gold necklace
0 reviews
We the People Bracelet (ladies)
14 reviews
"Liberty" Silver Keychain (ladies)
0 reviews
We the People Bracelet (unisex)
0 reviews
"Paul Revere" Silver Bracelet
14 reviews
"Guardian" Silver Bracelet
9 reviews
" Bill of Rights" Silver Bracelet
18 reviews
Liberty Bracelet
2 reviews
"Ronald Reagan Centennial" Silver Bracelet #73
4 reviews
"Independence" Silver Bracelet
15 reviews
Forever Bead-Amendment Bracelet
0 reviews
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