"Guardian" Silver Bracelet
Silver bracelet developed exclusively by "We the People Bracelet". Solid silver bar guarded by two beads, each ingrained with the date when the "Bill of Rights" was ratified ( 12/15/1791).
A new simple twist system allows you to easily add extra beads. You can add up to 5(five) beads at the time of the purchase or anytime in the future.
Each additional bead - $28.99
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LOVE LOVE my Guardian Bracelet I love my bracelet, a gift from my groom for Valentines day. This beautiful stunning piece, is the best conversation starter...Am asked frequently \"where did you get it?\" of course I tell folks. We love the reasoning behind WTP bracelet....I have 3 homegrown teens and 2 little guys from China, what a teachable moment with the kiddos! My 7 year old knows all 14!! The attention to detail and quality is unmatched, Pandora has nothing on my Guardian.
LOVE it! I absolutely love this bracelet. I will no longer hide my political views and be a \"silent\" majority. This is a great conversation starter as it receives much attention. I also very much appreciate the \"MADE in AMERICA\" label.
Wish I had one I cana\'t afford to buy one of these but I wish I could. What a wonderful way to express your patriotism. If I had a fairy Godmother I would ask her for any one of these pieces of jewelry.
Love guardian bracelet I can\'t afford one but they are absolutely beautiful! To bad I can\'t wear one to support our country and rights! I could absolutely sale these by just wearing one around my family and friends! Would love to help promote your business. Our community is having a big event in march and these bracelets would be an absolute hit!!
Beautiful Bracelets These bracelets are absolutely beautiful. Would definitely buy one if I could afford it. The design is unique and what a great way to show support for this great nation we live in. These will definitely be great conversation pieces. You should
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