"Ronald Reagan Centennial" Silver Bracelet #73
This limited edition of the “Bill of Rights” bracelet comes with a custom designed silver clasp stating: “Ronald Reagan 2/6/1911-6/5/2004” and “U.S. President 1/20/1981/-1/20/1989”.
An extra 11th silver bead is added to the Bracelet with a famous Ronald Reagan saying: “Government Expands, Liberty Contracts”
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AWESOME! I have had my bracelet for a year now. I love it and have worn it everyday...even to my son\'s wedding. Reminds me daily of the rights that we share as Americans. Great at starting conversations. The workmanship is fantastic and it still looks just like it did when I took it out of the box. Thanks!
AWESOME! Excellent quality and great conversational piece. Plus I am a huge fan of our last true leader.
Love my Bill of Rights necklace is the Reagan Bead availbale separately? I love my neckalce. It was the best Valentines Day gift ever from my husband, however I would love to add THIS bead to it.
Love this bracelet I received the RR Bill of Rights bracelet. Costly but well worth it!! I have worn it daily and have had no problems with it. It does come nicely packaged...