"Paul Revere" Silver Bracelet
Clear and concise representation of the freedoms we need. Features four sterling silver forever-beads deeply ingrained with the Amendments (#1,#2,#4,#10). Per request from our costumers the Stainless Clasp had been discontinued and replaced with Silver Lobster clasp shown on the picture below. Thank you.
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some say priice is too high I wear mone proudly & tell everyone at GOP meets this is my remonder to fight for Americca & I have Rights as an American!
Love it love my bracelet and wear it everyday....I do have a problem with the clasp letting go. I\'ve had to go back and look for the bracelet because I\'ve had it fall off my wrist
I was pleasantly surprised when this arrived in the mail. It was better quality than I expected. The workmanship is incredible. I wear it almost everyday. Great job. It\'s nice to wear a part of history on my wrist.
Lost Bracelet I lost my first bracelet due to it disengaging when my wrist was resting on something solid. It was promptly replaced. The lobster claw is more suitable in my opinion for such a heavy bracelet and more reliable.The gentleman who replaced my bracelet did it quickly and efficiently.
Beautiful product I wish I could think of something critical to say - but honestly - it\'s awesome. Develop more products. I would like to see a product in a brown leather bracelet design.
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