"We the People" Silver Forever-Beads Amendments
Each bead deeply ingrained with words from the Amendments to the Bill of Rights.
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VERY PLEASED! Ordered the Constitution bracelet & I received it very fast. I ordered it in the wrong size. Contacted we the people, let them know the problem, no problem. I sent it back with the pre-paid return sticker they sent with my bracelet. The informed me that I would receive my bracelet in 3 days, received it in 2. Great customer service! Great quality. I highly recommend we the people. You will too! Thanks guys. P.S it comes in a nice box & you receive a free pocket size copy of the Constitution. You can\'t beat this deal.
Wonderful bracelet I purchased this bracelet and am totally impressed with the quality of it. I wear it everywhere as a reminder of the freedoms that we enjoy in this country. Keep up the great work and workmanship!
I love my beads I wear these with my troll bead bracelets and I wear one on a simple chainmaille bracelet. Love them they are great and fine detail and workmanship!!!
2nd ammendment bead Received my 2nd amendment bead last year, and am now purchasing another bead, as they look great on a silver chain. Wearing it makes me feel empowered, and it looks great on a man or a woman. Thanks for making these beautiful sterling heavy duty beads.
Best Representation of Freedoms Product I ordered a First Amendment bead necklace. The chain broke and I called. This company is SO GREAT, I was sent a replacement chain and a bead for my trouble, after sending the broken chain back,and received it in 2 days! I intend to buy all the beads.I've never dealt with such an honest and honorable company and everyone asks me about my necklace. I tell them where to get them. I Love my Beads and Necklace and will continue my business relationship with this company.I also hope they get more designs.Great workmanship.
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